Sep 27, 2020

শিশুর খেলাঃ বয়স যখন ৪-৭ মাস

Your child's age is 4-7 months now. Children at this age now actively engage with their environments in systematic ways. Distance vision is more mature, and these children can track moving objects with smooth, efficient eye movements. Bright colors, high contrasts, and complex patterns continue to be of interest. These children learn to differentiate among objects, as evidenced by their ability to group visual stimuli into categories.

By 5 months of age, children can roll onto their backs and push up onto their hands and knees. They have mastered the ability to grasp and manipulate a dangling object by 6 months, and they begin to engage in more active play by reaching, grasping, tugging, pushing, patting, shaking, and squeezing objects.

At 6 to 7 months, children are sitting independently, which provides them with greater visual capacities for grasping objects or bringing objects to midline for exploration. They can manipulate objects more readily, although their fine motor coordination is still rudimentary.

Types of Toys for 4-7 months old

Objects are grasped using a claw-like grip or raking motion, rather than a pincer grasp (i.e., using the thumb and index finger). They can transfer an object from hand to hand, and begin to use both hands independently; for example, one hand may hold an object, while the other hand manipulates it. These children continue to mouth objects, so suitable toys are washable.

Near the end of this period, children develop the ability to recognize oft-repeated words, and some are beginning to crawl and stand with support. At this time, they are also beginning to understand object permanence—that an object that is hidden or partially hidden did not actually disappear, but still exists somewhere. Soft, lightweight, rounded, and textured toys that make gentle sounds are appropriate. Handheld toys should be sized so these children can easily grasp and manipulate them.


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