Sep 28, 2020
শিশুর খেলাঃ বয়স যখন ৩ বছর

Now your child is 3 year old. Congrats. Let's see how she will play at this age.

Development of 3-year old child

These children like to use replica objects as actors in a story. A doll, for example, might be prepared to attend a birthday party with her doll friends, and they will drive in a car, eat food, and play chase, or dance at the party. Realistic props enhance pretend play at this age, but these children also start to use objects that are unlike the real item, so they might use a shoe to represent a pillow. They show greater interest in structured games. Television characters, especially gentle, cartoonish characters are important at this age because children use these characters as safe playmates.

These children progress considerably in their gross motor skills. They can tiptoe and balance on one foot, hop, climb, and slide on play structures with ease, kick or catch a large ball thrown from a short distance, and throw and aim at short distances.

Types of play 3-year old enjoy

Children in this age group still spend a substantial amount of their time in object-oriented play. They now have the fine motor skills to take on the challenge of more complex building play, combining smaller pieces, and engaging in a variety of art activities that require fine motor skill. 

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