Aug 14, 2020

StarKid Campaign: Enjoy up to 50% discount on Crafting and Stationery items on Togumogu

Looking for a great deal for purchase your child's necessary product online? Togumogu brought StarKid campaign again for Crafting and Stationary items from the most reputed and trusted brands.

If your child is run out of color paper, color pencil, crafting items etc. this is a great opportunity for you to restore the supply. Parents will enjoy up to 50% discount on various crafting packages, crafting items, and stationary products including art supplies.

When the campaign will begin?

Star Kid campaign will begin from August 15th till September 15th. During this period, various types of products will be offered to parents.

What can I purchase?

You can purchase crafting items, art supplies, stationary items, and books (those who missed the last campaign).

How the discount will work?

  1. Anyone giving order from the website will be eligible for 30% discount.
  2. But if you download the app and order then you will be eligible for another 10% discount.
  3. If you have LankaBangla and EBL card (either Credit or Debit card), you will be eligible for another 10% discount.

Where to buy the products?

Go to the link below to access all the products available for StarKid campaign here:

How I can download the Togumogu parenting app?

Please visit the link below to download the app:

Take this amazing opportunity, and get your yearly supply of art, stationary and craft items for your child.

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