Sep 21, 2020

Goofi Borno Golpo - 2

We are excited to announce that we are jointly launching the campaign for releasing new Goofi book series called 'Goofi Borno Golpo' Series. The first edition 'Borno Golpo - 1' was a huge success and we've sold thousand copies in about one week of the release.

But before that let's learn about the hype of the new series from goofi. The children brand 'goofi' from Light of Hope Ltd. is known for their highly researched children books and learning products that helps children to develop their skills like creativity, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and moral values. Their academic books for pre-schoolers have been the best sellers in 2020. Goofi Storydoo series is one the best-seller series in the history of Bengali children literature.

So when they announced that they are going to release a new storybook series, we wanted to be part of this. As the series name suggests, Goofi is releasing a series that focus on developing one story book from each of the 50 Bengali alphabet. The plan is to release a total of 7-8 Series covering all 50 Alphabets. Each series will have 5-6 storybooks with 5-6 alphabet. The series is for children between 4-8 years old.

WIth that in mind we are releasing the second edition 'Goofi Borno Golpo - 2'

Pre-order Link:

Delivery date is October 4th.

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