Sep 20, 2020

ToguMogu is launching Bangladesh’s first parenting app to make life easier for pregnant and new parents

ToguMogu launches the first parenting app for Bangladeshi parents. The app serves as a one-stop solution for all the parenting needs from the pregnancy period to the first 5 years of parenthood.

Every day about 10,000 children are born in Bangladesh of which 50% are born in first-parent families. There are about 10.5 million families who have children between 0-5 years old. During the last 6-months of COVID-19, approximately 140,000 children are born in Bangladesh from March to September, 2020.

Due to the overwhelming pressure on the healthcare system and restriction on the movement, the new parents have suffered a lot. Even those who are pregnant right now are still suffering on a daily basis to get information about pregnancy, doctor and consultant appointments, buying necessary products for newborn babies.

With families getting smaller and the rise of urban nuclear families, support from other family members during the pregnancy period and the post-natal period are less available. Lack of authentic Bengali contents for pregnant mothers is a serious problem when it comes to education and awareness. First-time parents are super sensitive and careful about the products and the services that they will be using.

The idea of ToguMogu was first born to fight these problems, where new and young parents will get all their support from one platform. The co-founders have faced similar challenges with their families that provoked the idea of a one-stop solution for parenting. 

The keys to ToguMogu’s parenting services are authenticity and expert verification. Dr. Nazmul Arefin, Co-founder of ToguMogu, said, from the beginning our goal is to make sure parents can make a decision with complete trust from us and by using our platform. All our products starting from baby products to learning materials are all expert-verified and age-appropriate with the child’s growth. 

ToguMogu decided to launch the app amid of the COVID-19 crisis to provide the support needed for the new and young parents. Young parents are more tech-savvy and always look for the best solutions at an affordable cost at your fingertip. 

In the ToguMogu parenting app, pregnant couples can join from the first week of pregnancy who will receive a week-by-week pregnancy care series for both expecting mother and father.

After the newborn is born, parents can purchase the most authentic and verified products, and then as the baby grows the parents can purchase other items like age-appropriate books, learning toys. Finding nanny, child specialist and special children consultants are also available on the app.

ToguMogu app solves the problem of finding nearby best daycare, pre-school, after-school by a location-based search. These establishments are ToguMogu’s expert verified based on the available service. Moreover, clients can also rank the daycare, pre-school based on their own experience. 

Since its inception, ToguMogu has helped more than 2 million parents through their various services from the platform.

Zillul Karim, co-founder of ToguMogu said, We wanted to go slow and steady to understand the parent demand and behavior and offer appropriate services with the most reputed service providers. Our priority is to make parenting easy and fun for new parents and making their decision-making process easy by building trust.

Trust and reputation do not build overnight. Millennium parents are demanding and want the best services. We worked on building that reputation for 3 years before launching the app and the recent COVID-19 outbreak seems to be the best time to launch it. We believe this will bring a huge value to the pregnant and new parents across the country. 

Togumogu parenting app recently won the first runner up prize in Call for Nation organized by ICT Ministry and Startup Bangladesh.  

Dr. Nazmul Arefin talked about the upcoming services that the startup is working on. The next steps will be to add parenting courses, edutainment for the children on the app with partnership from different organizations.

As all 20-30 years old are going to be parents in the next 5-10 years, ToguMogu is eyeing for this new wave of parents who will be soon becoming parents and helping them to take decision for the better early childhood of their children.

ToguMogu parenting app download link: 

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