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Art Materials For Step-1

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1.Sketch Book (12 x 12) 2. TITi 2B Pencil 3.DOMS Pencil Colors 4.DOMS Coloring Pens 5.TiTI Oil Pastel

-TITi 2B pencil for writing,drafting and sketching,high quality wood & easy bto sharpen,Break resistant lead

-DOMS Pencil colour- Soft wood fpr smooth sharpeningn,Brightest colour,Accurate bonding process,Hexagonal colour pencils

-DOMS Colour Pens-Bright and intense colours,Unique push resistant tip,ventilated caps,R&D in italy

-TiTi Oil Pastels-The TiTi Oil Pastels Color made of high quality material. This Oil Pastels Color contain 12 Pcs in a single box. For adults and Children both can use this Oil Pastels Color. Price are reasonable and High quality product and TiTi products are non-toxic and safe.