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Goofi Borno niye kheli- Banjonborno

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বর্ণ নিয়ে খেলি- ব্যঞ্জনবর্ণ বই সংখ্যা - ৭ বয়স- ৩-৭ বছর প্রকাশক - Light of Hope

Goofi-Play with Alphabet (Borno niye kheli) (Banjonborno) is the first step towards learning Bengali through various creative activities and engagement. There are total 7 books in this series. Each page is filled with maize, drawing, brain game along with alphabet, word learning etc. The series is also part of many school’s curriculum in Bangladesh.

Benefits of Goofi Borno niye Kheli:

1.    Learning Bengali 

2.    Improve creativity, critical thinking

3.    200+ hours of engagement for children

4.    Coloring/drawing learning

5.    Learning Short Poems

6.    Reduce smart phone addiction