Goofi Drawing Package

Goofi Drawing Package

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goofi Drawing Packege বই সংখ্যা - ৩ বয়স- ৩-৮ প্রকাশক - Light of Hope

Goofi Drawing series is a combination of 3 books: Goofi Shape Artist, Goofi Doodle Book, Goofi Design Book and Kids Time design book. 

Art, drawing, design, doodle – combination of all 3 of these techniques for children are covered in this series. The series helps 3-8 years old children to develop their drawing, art skill and creativity, critical thinking.  

Benefits of Goofi Drawing Series:  


  1. Learning art, doodle, drawing, design 
  2. Improve creativity, motor skill and concentration 
  3. 100+ hours of engagement for children
  4. Reduce smart phone addiction


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