Goofi Value Series- English

Goofi Value Series- English

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List of 5 books and the Titles: 1. Beny the sweet Syrup 2. Octopus Oliza’s wish 3. Tui The Termite Princess 4. Erik The Ektara 5. My Eagle Family


Goofi Value Series is a 5-book series on moral stories for kids. The stories teach children about important values in life through wonderful stories, attractive plots, and memorable characters. This 5 book series will help your child to grow as a successful adult with strong morals.

Moral Stories for Kids – Goofi Value Series

Goofi Value Series is a English moral stories for kids. The moral stories are with great illustration, beautiful plot, and fascinating characters. Children enjoy goofi stories and learn valuable life lessons.

There are 5 books in this series and their briefs:

  1. Beny the Sweet Syrup: Beny is a syrup. He was born in a medicine factory. He noticed that kids don’t like medicine. He protested to do something about it. Because of this, he was thrown out from the pharmacy. How can Benny help the children to love the medicine?
  2. Octopus Oliza’s Wish: Oliza is a little octopus. But she doesn’t have eight legs. Other octopuses make fun of her. Oliza’s doctor says, her missing leg will come back on her eighth birthday. Will her wish come true?
  3. Tui The Termite Princess: Tui is the princess of the largest White Ant colony. The king and queen, Tui’s parents, are always worried about her. She is supposed to rule the kingdom one day. But with her carefree attitude, will Tui able to take responsibility as the future queen?
  4. Erik The Ektara: Erik is an Ektara – a musical instrument with just one string. But he was born with a harsh tone. There is no chance anyone will ever play him. One day, he met an unlikely friend –a penguin, Kenny. And his life changes.
  5. My Eagle Family: Ela, the little vulture, is adopted by an Eagle family. Everything was going great till she got to school. Other birds made it very clear that she doesn’t belong here. What Ela should do? Go back to her vulture community or stay with her adopted family?

The stories are selected from Goofi Borno Golpo 1 & 2 series and translated into English for children in Bangladesh and globally.

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