Kids Time Crafting Package (Senior)

Kids Time Crafting Package (Senior)

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Goofi Crafting Package (Senior) Age: 7+ Publisher - Light of Hope


Kids Time Crafting Package (Senior) is the only crafting package for children in Bangladesh. The package has all the necessary items for children to make any type of crafting they want to make. There are 200+ hours of activity for children. There are guidebook and also YouTube videos on crafting so that parents and children can make various types of crafting using the package. 


Crafting is an amazing and effective way for children to develop various skills. 


Benefits of Goofi Crafting package: 


  1. Improve creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving
  2. Improve motor skill, engineering skill, imagination
  3. Improve focus, concentration 
  4. 200+ hours of engagement for children 
  5. Quality time with parents
  6. Reduce smart phone addiction


***parents can order Refill package once the items are finished. 

Hot Glue Gun

Design Book

Manual Book

Glue Stick

Googly Eye

This package includes 

Design Note book 1

Crafting Manual 1

Kids Time Bag 1

A4 Color paper 30 Pcs

Foam Paper 6 Pcs

Icecream Stck 1 packet

Foam ball (Small) 1/2 packet

Safety Scissor 1

Glue 1

Yarn ball 1

Hot glue gun 1

Glue stick 4 pcs


Googly Eye 6 pcs

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