BigganBaksho Mystery of Chemistry

BigganBaksho Mystery of Chemistry

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 Blowing up a balloon without puffing  Making raisins dance  creating a rainbow in milk  making lava lamp  There are 20 experiments included in the box but the possibilities are endless when one can master all these.

Apparatus of “Mystery of Chemistry”

Rubber ball, Food color, Dish Cleaner, glycerin, beaker, Calbo-C tablet, and many more.

What can you do with them?

Blowing up a balloon without puffing, making raisins dance, creating a rainbow in milk, making lava lamp, etc. There are twenty experiments included in the box but the possibilities are endless when one can master all these.

Benefits of “Mystery of Chemistry”

Chemistry with all of its formulas, reactions, periodic table; children don’t have a clear understanding. Moreover, it’s difficult and fearful when they have to memorize all of it without comprehending it fully. So, most of them develop apathy towards it. All the extraordinary reactions and results cannot be felt within the limitation of a class or lab.

“What happens if you mix this and that! Will, there be an explosion or something magnificent”- A kid always gets frightened and never gets the encouragement to ask these or do it. But when a youngster learns that even lemon has acid in it, raisins, Milk, or Coca-Cola not only tastes good but also excellent reactors, they will get inspired. Hatred towards Chemistry will sod off.

The chemistry behind the success

Our brain has a language of its own, the words of which are composed of what is called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters control our emotions, happiness, and mood by secreting chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. Among these dopamine administers our reward system. In times of success happiness and bliss, dopamine secretion increases. This way, a pattern develops in the brain. And in this process, our personalities grow. Little ripples of emotion today tell of a bigger sea of the future.

Mystery Chemistry contains components with which more than 20 experiments can be conducted. The objective of these experiments is to represent learning in an understandable and enjoyable manner to the children. The dopamine secretion while conducting these experiments could also be the first step towards a brighter future.

According to educationalists and psychologists, children need ‘Enjoyable Real-life Experience’ to make the learning process more efficient. The goal of this Science kit is to offer that experience to the children. These little champions will build a better, “Onnorokom” Bangladesh in the future- and that will be the real success of Onnorokom Science Box.

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