Mar 23, 2023

Grameen-Danone, ToguMogu & Light of Hope are joining forces to solve malnutrition problem in Bangladesh

Child nutrition is a critical issue in Bangladesh, where more than one-third of children under five years of age suffer from malnutrition. This is a worrying statistic that requires immediate attention from all sectors of society, especially from businesses that can make a significant difference.

In a first-of-its-kind, three companies, Grameen Danone, ToguMogu, and Light of Hope announced a tri-party agreement aimed at solving this problem by promoting nutrition and healthy eating habit among children and parents in Bangladesh.

The tri-party agreement brings together Grameen Danone's expertise in producing nutritious food products, Light of Hope's education-focused approach to developing future skills and popular Goofi characters loved for children, and ToguMogu's trusted platform for parents.

Under this partnership, the popular kids media brand Goofi will work with Grameen-Danone to promote nutrition, healthy eating habits among children and parents. Goofi will be seen across various marketing channels of Shokti that includes consumer promotion items, modern trade, retail communication, and digital campaigns. Goofi Muppets will visit schools to raise awareness and educate children on nutrition, eating healthy, helping each other, being empathic.

"We are excited to collaborate with Light of Hope and Grameen Danone to promote children's nutrition in Bangladesh. As the country’s first and only parenting app, ToguMogu will leverage its technology and platform to reach hundreds of thousands of parents and educate them on their children’s nutrition, physical and mental growth," said ToguMogu's CEO Dr. Nazmul Arefin.

Surayya Siddiqua, Director – Sales & Marketing, Grameen-Danone, said, “When all partners’ missions are aligned, it gives a great strategic advantage. Shokti as a brand exists to fight malnutrition and provide healthy food to families. Children love goofi characters. Light of Hope is undoubtedly the best content creators for children. And ToguMogu built a trusted platform for parents. This partnership will allow us to utilize the power of storytelling through beloved characters and technology to change the behavior of millions of children and parents in Bangladesh”.

Waliullah Bhuiyan, CEO of Light of Hope and the creator of Goofi characters, said, “It’s an important milestone for the creative industry who built creative IP in Bangladesh. I believe this is the first time in Bangladesh that such collaboration happened between three brands to address a social cause. I am excited and look forward to the partnership to prepare our future generation.”

During the signing agreement, Dipesh Nag, Managing Director, Grameen-Danone, Mukul Alam, Director, Light of Hope, Zillul Karim, Director, ToguMogu were present among other senior officials.

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