Nov 29, 2023

FAQ for the Recruiters

Who are your Caregivers?

18-25 years old female you are either currently studying or recently completed graduation. They are certified professional with experience and can work as part time or full-time caregiver according to your need.


What kind of training they received?

They received 2-weeks of intensive hands-on training on Child psychology, health and nutrition, play- based learning and first aid.


What types of roles they can work in?

They can be recruited as home-based nanny, caregiver at the daycare, pre-school, playmate at the indoor play zone. Those who have completed graduation, can be also considered as kindergarten teachers.


What is your Service Fee?

For successful recruitment of our trained caregiving professionals, you will pay us 50% of the first month’s salary of the candidate. If you hire a candidate a monthly payment of 10,000tk/month, then you need to pay us a one-time fee of 5,000 taka.


How can we recruit them?

You can directly reach out to us and provide your requirement. Accordingly, we will connect you with the candidates.

Registration Link for training:


For any query, please directly message us at Whatsapp: +8801968774018 Or email us:


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